My Opening Remarks...

It is my pleasure to present Eye On Gambling (EOG.COM). As many of you know, I recently left another popular venue that I founded in order to launch this new baby. Please take your time to look around the entire site and let us know what you think.

It is my sincere hope that you will find the information here useful and easy to navigate.

So many people spent countless hours helping to make this dream come true. Although the list is long and extensive, I'd like to give special thanks to all of the people behind Imagination Plus, The General, Xpanda, Glaken, Ironlock, SDB, Stats Inc, and Don Best.

When I founded The Prescription, I had a choice to make at that time- go abroad and compete against other sports books or develop a platform for them to want to advertise on. I believe I made the right choice then.

Once again and ten years later, I have another choice to make and hopefully, it is the correct one.

Although I value posting forums tremendously, as we were one of the first ones around in the mid nineties, I believe that in order to compete in TODAY'S market, gamblers want more from a web site than just a posting forum and they deserve it.

One factor that separates EOG from many other gambling portals is that we LIMITED the number of sponsors and turned down quite a few along the way.

We have carefully chosen fifteen of the BEST sports books offshore who I TRUST completely with my money. And, they have ALL AGREED to allow this site to arbitrate if a dispute should arise.

Between the General and myself, I don't know of any two people who have proven time after time to represent the player FIRST and FOREMOST.

While some other gambling establishments put the sports book first, EOG does not. Without the players, we would have NO sports books advertising here, so it will be our pleasure to go bat for you if necessary.

I apologize for being somewhat long winded. Your feedback is important and welcomed. I hope you will stick around and stay with us as we strive to improve on a daily basis...