My Road Runline System Update: (+71.96 units) YTD


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series 1: 12-3 (+14 units)

series 2: 12-3 (+19 units)

series 3: 12-3 (+12.66 units)

series 4: 12-3 (+12.14 units)

series 5: 13-2 (+20.84 units)

series 6: 7-8 (-35.40 units)

series 7: 13-2 (+14.56 units)

series 8: 13-2 (+13.96 units)

Overall: 94-26 (+71.96 units)

ive been in on close to half of the units won, here are tonights plays.

Stl (+1.52)
LAD (+1.38)
SD (+1.45)
NYY (+1.41)
Tex (+1.25)
Oak (+1.57)
Phil (+2.05)
Wash (+2.40)
Col (+2.52)
Hou (+1.60)
Tor (+1.83)
CWS (+1.62)
KC (+3.20)
Sea (+1.82)
Pitt (+2.16)

these plays were all turned in this morning, so i have no idea what the current lines are..

Playing all road teams, risking one unit and laying (-1.5 runs) in each.. every game that is a loser, will be played tomorrow, risking 2 units...

this is a unique week, in which we have every team playing 2 (2 game series) and 1 (3 game series).. the 2 game series will be played in a 1-2 unit format, with the 3 gamer's going back to the original 1-2-4 unit format..

best of luck, just thought id share..


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like i said, ive only played about half of the games...... i did pick up $1396 over the weekend with this...

the record is for the entire series and not the individual games... In a normal 3 game series, the risk is almost always 7 units per series, once you get a win in a series, you stop and keep your profits..

had one terrible series (number 6) in which over 35 units were lost,,,,,, but all 7 others have been profitable..

really anxious to see how these (2 gamers) do this week.. max loss for each of these will be 3 units per series..


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before anyone comes down on me, my posted record at EOG is: 43-58 (+1.78 units) but the records for each series, quoted above, can be easily looked up.


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SSI- Have you kept track of which teams you've lost series' with. Would it be better to not play the worst teams in the league like KC (0-9 on the road) or Pit (1-12). Keep us updated.



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Good Point, SIG. I've heard of variations that play against the worst teams ,(Royals, Nationals, etc. ) , perhaps the bottom team in each division. Or, as you suggest, just "PASS" on that series. Over the season, I 'd be surprised if it wasn't the bottom dwellers that accounted for most series going 0-3. Those 7 unit losses are what KILLS a guy's bankroll. Al


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6-9 (+1.02 units)(+$102) on monday..

tuesdays plays: (and this will end series set 9) as these are 2 game sets only

Cards (+1.20)

Dodgers (+1.55)

Yanks (+1.81)

Oak (+2.46)

Wash (+2.04)

Col (+2.00)

Hou (+2.54)

KC (+3.60)

Pitt (+1.60)

all risking 2 units and laying (-1.5 runs)


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0-1 early, as cards drop the series (2 games to none)... really need to get to 4 wins today, for a good day...


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well, thru the 3 afternoon games, it appears that ill go 2-1 (+$612).. as oakland pays (+$492) and pitt pays (+$320)... offsets the $200 loss on the cards...

at the moment and there are still 6 games pending tonight, the system has hit a new season high of (+79.10 units)... but there is still lots left pending today, will update tomorrow, or as soon as series set 9 ends..
Congrats SSI on success thus far - what is your take on the
apparent difference between last year when the .500+ teams won
all the money and the .500- teams lost all the money and this year
when the "bad" teams seem to be doing well with your system?

I gather that since you continue to play all road teams you don't
put much value in those last year stats (?).

Best of Luck tonight


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not necessarily, im just not sold on who the bad teams really are...... and once again, those bad teams will pay the most --- when they do win.

Pitt cashes today........ KC would pay a ton, if they could cash tonight.....

also by playing only the road teams, i can keep this 100% mechanical..

its a long season......


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even if dodgers lose this last game, thats still pending.. the system will have made another 10.3 units over the last 2 days and will stand at +82.26 units on the season, a win and cover by the dodgers and its up 87.36 units....... either way, its utterly amazing at the moment.. and to think, the dodgers blew a 6 run lead..