My story please read

i know there has been a lot of bashing my way, and that fine... i reread the post and that was my bad i've never expeienced a bad line before and i got..

first off, im 19 years old i live in a suburb of chicago.. im a freshman in college and i play d1 juco baseball here.. i started learning this art last march madness and progressed learning the majority of my knowledge through other people on forums/messenger/etc... people like romanowski, jaypasco, goterps74 from cmall very good cappers... anyways when all my friends went away to college and i was still here i got home around 4 did my capping til about 6 and did whatever... my initial deposit was for only $20... alot of you think im some kind of high roller because of my record, not the case.. i was playing $1 a game for probly 3 months just learning how the spread works, learning how to outsmart the bookmaker, how to properly cap games look for traps etc... then up to $5 a game now probably closer to $20... my BR is only about 800.. why not more?? between the costs of car ins, cell phone, gas, food, clothes,entertainment,, i don't have the money.. i work hard during the summer and that money lasts me until the next summer.. i was thinking about charging my credit card for 5k and playing 100 a game, but i dont know the way credit cards work and that and when i would have to have it paid off by, rates, etc.. just not sure but it's definitley a possibility.. also alot of you probably dont know this but i have about 15-20 known followers who play strictly my plays, they all make probably 100 times what i do on these games also.. anyways i honestly was not gong to ever post here afte last night but reading blacklabs post i thought yes i was shown up for betting a mistake line but i cant leave here because of that suck , just suck it up and admit you were wrong which i was.. all the best

'06 ats record is 75-44-1 // 63%


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Good post and listen closely to this too, darrel.

Stay away from the credit cards.

Best of luck to you and welcome again to EOG.
glad to hear it Darrell......nobody evr tried to run you off these boards though gotta have thick skin,is the 1st lesson I can give you....good luck with your betting and learning process...yu seem like a good kid.Take care


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Darrel are you The former poster named

Southside Stompers........ Soutpaw......if so glad to have you here......

:+thumbs-2 he was from Chicago and played JUCO ball :+thumbs-2
Good Luck darrel especially with college:+thumbs-2

And dont ever gamble with money you cant afford to lose.
Like general said dont use your credit card or borrow money from a bank or family or friends to make a bet.
dirty said:
Darrel are you The former poster named

Southside Stompers........ Soutpaw......if so glad to have you here......

:+thumbs-2 he was from Chicago and played JUCO ball :+thumbs-2
nope not me.. interesting tho


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hey darrel keep posting man.... do you post picks on here daily?? if so haven't noticed them yet.....get with me sometime i would like to follow your'e plays and check ya out....... i can use all the freakin help i can get:doh1


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Darel- I usually ignore when people sya they are going to stop posting and whatnot, but you seem like a good guy who knows his shit...don't let this misunderstanding get out of hand...hopefully you stick around; I enjoy your contributions...

I would also like to echo the sentiments against using credit cards..being a young guy as well, I once fell into that trap, and it took me a long while to get it cleared with all the rates and all the late fees and crap..not worth it...good luck, and I hope you stick around..
nice honest post from Darrel

kind of like a youthful innocence goes gambling kind of deal

stay positive, and you won't grow up to be a cynical degenerate ... the gamber's disease!