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There were some very strange calls tonight affecting the Aztecs......the two technicals
when it was close early left you scratching your head.
I did not watch the game but not suprised and expected it, Railbird and his customers were on NewMexico despite the ridiculous line for this reason.


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Railbird before the game- "not sure them being road favorites is justified at hostile Cox arena. SDSU a more veteran team, UNM is young"

Ralturd after the game- we were on them.

No wonder this guy won Dbag of the year.
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Went with your New Mex and added 3 other NBA's to win my 3 tm and 4 tm RR -
That'll teach them downstairs for F#@* up my RR ticket the night before.
Trotting over to cash from Cantor.

Keep your streak going with the usual reasoning.
Logic helps.