NBA Cleveland Cavaliers - Portland Trail Blazers


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NBA Cleveland Cavaliers - Portland Trail Blazers

Recommendation: UNDER 200

Odds: 1.917

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

Cleveland should win this game of course but the spread is kinda steep, almost double digit. They can cover it but I’m always cautious with one man teams big spreads (unless this man is called Michael Jordan) as just so many things may go wrong!

Portland are b2b after a hard match in Milwaukee yesterday. Some fatigue factor could come in play but more importantly their shooting percentage dropped quite significantly in the last few games. This is pretty normal, frankly speaking, as they rely heavily on their 2 stars Lillard and McCollum to carry the offensive load. Both are good shooters but too streaky and inconsistent, at least at this stage in their careers.

Mo Williams got some knock in the last game but is expected to play tonight, so Cavs perimeter defense is looking decent with him and Dellavedova as backup. LeBron will take the attack calls in the 4th quarter as usual and this will slow the pace down a bit.

Both meetings in the series went comfortably below this line so I’ve a reason to fully expect the same result today.