NBA Houston Rockets - New Orleans Pelicans


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NBA Houston Rockets - New Orleans Pelicans

Recommendation: Rockets - 4

Odds: 1.952

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

I liked very much what I saw yesterday from Pelicans, in terms of how they failed to hold on to their lead and fell miserably to the pressure applied by veteran Grizzlies. No reason to quit the boat now then and I continue to fade New Orleans. They’re obviously back to back and play in Houston where the clock is also ticking for Rockets to finally turn their season around a bit.

It’s not that I like Houston as a team, they rely solely on Dwight and The Beard, yet having 2 go-to guys is always better than having only one (Davis for Pelicans). Rockets improved their game, albeit by a small degree after the coach change. Harden should be happy now and let’s hope he will finally start delivering too. Once in a shooting rhythm, he is hard to stop in making 3’s and penetrating to the rim, even against excellent rim protector and paint defender like Anthony Davis. Dwight Howard have rested a bit after coming home from Houston last game in Detroit and should be able to contain Davis scoring threat on Rockets behalf subsequently.

New Orleans are tragic on the road so far with 1-9 record and have lost 7 of 8 against this opponent here. They truly split the series last season 2-2 (each team winning also a road game) but Pelicans were better then, plus it’s a tough spot for them and I’ll be surprised to see anything different than a Rockets win here.