NBA Indiana Pacers - Chicago Bulls


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NBA Indiana Pacers - Chicago Bulls

Recommendation: UNDER 198

Odds: 1.934

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

The oddsmakers continue to give a bit higher line for the total in this match-up and I will continue backing it. My Pacers are real hot right now and maybe this is the reason for this line but…. It’s one thing to play against weak defensive teams like Wizards and Bucks (right now Bucks are terrible in defense, not in principle), and completely different story to play against stifling defense like Bulls’ one. Indiana are red-hot from beyond the arc but Chicago guards should be able to limit Pacers a bit in this area or at least slow down Pacers offensive rhythm.

Bulls conclude their road trip tonight and tiredness would be a factor too. They did well, 2-1 in this trip with the expected loss against GSW. They struggle to create easy scoring opportunities though, even with Derrick Rose on the floor. It was totally evident against Portland, they led comfortably with 10+ points at some stage in the beginning of the 4th Q and then started choking quite badly. Shot clock violations, slow tempo attacks, desperate shots, etc. I rate Pacers better than Portland in every aspect of course so can’t really see Bulls solving this problem area tonight.

All in all, this should be slow tempo game, at least Bulls will try to play slowly so I think UNDER is the best option.