NBA Philadelphia 76ers - Toronto Raptors


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NBA Philadelphia 76ers - Toronto Raptors

Recommendation: Raptors - 8

Odds: 1.854

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

The spread seems a bit steep here at first sight, moreover the game is at Wells Fargo, Philly. Sixers will be the most pathetic team in the league for another season though (yes, even Lakers are better and this seems set in stone. Their coach Brett Brown still insist that his team can compete with anyone in the league (let’s take a minute and laugh at him) but when the talent and effort aren’t there, all is just wishful thinking. Sixers may welcome Nerlens Noel back in the squad tonight after injury but this doesn’t bother me too much, the guy is not showing any promise to fulfill his potential currently. Even the bright spot, rookie center Okafor, can’t help Philly too much. He records very nice stats for a rookie but this just doesn’t transfer directly in teams ratings.

Raptors suffered a setback after their shockingly good start to the season, or more like the reality hit them hard. It’s true though that Toronto’s last loss against Knicks was a bit harsh, coming after a very bad referee decision in the key possession (Carmelo Anthony was clearly out of bounds and it should have been Raptors ball). So Toronto will be angry mad and motivated on 100 % for victory, I just hope they escape some stupid backdoor cover. Carrol and Terence Ross are questionable again for tonight (both will likely miss the game in fact) but DeRozan and Kyle Lowry showed their old form against New York, so more of the same, please!