NBA Portland Trail Blazers - New York Knicks


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NBA Portland Trail Blazers - New York Knicks

Recommendation: Blazers – 3.5

Odds: 1.98

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

These teams are heading into totally different directions right now. It’s not such a big surprise for the Knicks. The surprise was their good start of the season but the brutal reality hit them hard with 8 losses in their last 10 games. It’s all kept within the organization at this stage of course but I’d make an educated guess Phil Jackson is already actively exploring different trading opportunities for Carmelo, so Knicks collect some assets for him as they still can and start rebuilding around Porzingis. Speaking of the young kid, his production tailed off a bit lately but this is totally normal for a rookie and he has a great NBA future before him.

Portland rebuilding season is going very well, above all expectations. They have very outside chance to reach the play-offs of course but never stop trying to win games. As I’ve said on a few occasions everything’s circled around Lillard and McCollum with Blazers. McCollum caught fire again in the last games after a mini slump and I can’t see the very average Knicks perimeter defense containing these two successfully.

History is not so relevant because of the total Portland roster re-make, yet some trends are hard to turn around and Knicks are just in that kind of spot, with 12 losses here in the last 14 games