NBA Utah Jazz - Oklahoma City Thunder


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NBA Utah Jazz - Oklahoma City Thunder

Recommendation: Thunder - 3

Odds: 1.84

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

Oklahoma looks like the real deal right now, going with strong 7 wins in the last 9 games. They’ve won comfortably against strong opponents like Atlanta and Memphis, and also have recorded an easy W here in Utah in the first game of the series, 111-89.

No reason to expect much improved performance from Jazz tonight. They continue to sorely miss the starting center Gobert. Favors is making for a decent fill in the center position but it would be a high bid for him to contain Ibaka, Adams and Kanter all alone. No need to mention that Durant is back at the very top of his game and Russell is just … Russell. Utah have good defenders but no defender is good enough for these 2 when they’re in the zone.

Everything’s clicking right for Thunder in the moment and any other result but an away win would be a surprise here.