NCAA Wednesday Card: It's Big, It's tempting, but I'm cold... What to do? Discussion

ND (-2 1/2) at Cincinnati:

This line can't be for real, can it? I've been in a rut lately so I'm scared to pull the trigger, large, on games but this is so tempting. ND has played a HORRIFIC schedule and if they LOSE this game they'll miss the tournament; IMO. I don't think there's any chance they don't show up to play in this game. Cincinnati is not good, simple as that. They're a poor basketball team, and ND isn't. ND hasn't played GREAT against the top tier teams in the Big East, but they're a tournament team. Gody could win this game by himself, IMO. I just don't understand this line. I've thought that Cincy has sucked since I watched them play live last year. They're better than last year, but they still stink. BADLY. If I wasn't in a rut this would be my biggest play of the year, but since I am I'm going to keep it a 4 unit play.
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Wake (-2 1/2) at Miami:

If Wake had just beaten G-Tech I would be nervous about this play, but they just lost. They're for real people, that's a fact. Miami is a very one dimensional team and they're home court is just average. They've lost to Va Tech, OSU and Clemson at home, and they're only a slight dog against a team better than all of them? I don't get it. Wake woudl be a 4 unit play if I wasn't in a rut, but they're still a strong 3 unit play.
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Syracuse (-1 1/2) vs. WVU:

Can someone explain this line to me? Why is WVU so overrated by the books right now? In certain games, their lines seem TOO low and they don't cover. This is one of those spots. Syracuse is a better team, AND THEY'RE at home. Am I misinformed about something in this game, because I'm confused that's for sure. Flynn should have a big game against WVU.
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Iowa (-3) at Indiana:

I'll bet on Indiana once they win a Big Ten game. Simple as that really. Until then, I'll fade them and they're non-scholarship athletes.
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Clemson (+4) vs. Duke:

This is not going to be a popular play, but Clemson is not the same team they were last year. I think this team is for real, and I think they upset Duke tonight. Clemson has the talent and athleticism to disrupt Duke on the perimeter and in the post. If Duke doesn't shoot lights out from outside, Clemson could easily win this game.
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Illinois State (-1) at SIU:

Illinois State has been bad on the road, in conference play, but Southern isn't the Southern of old. I know, from talking to a couple of people, that this is the biggest game of ISU's season. They know that they have to win this game, to have a shot at winning their conference. Does that mean they'll win? No, but they're talent has blinded me all year. I say they win this game, but I've been wrong on them a couple of times this year. I'm + money on ISU games this year, but not as much as I should be. This would be a bigger play if they would show some consistency on the road, but they haven't yet.
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Leans, and plays that should be discusses, as of right now are the following:

Providence +2 - They're the only middle of the pack team, that exists, in the Big East. They are night and day when they're at home, compared to being away. Villanova still struggles with shot selection and they can turn the ball over too much. Their showing against Pitt has me weary of playing Providence, but I think Providence is the side.

Drake +1 1/2 - Creighton has cost me a fortune on the road this year, and Drake hasn't played as well as they were supposed to. The thing is, I thought Drake was overrated at the start of this year, and I still do, but I think they have the fire power to win this game. I'll probably avoid this game though.

MSU -8 - They're more inconsistent than any team in America. Some nights they look like the best team in the land, and other times they look flat. At home, against a Minnesota team that isn't great on the road yet, should spell success tonight but that number is high. I'd say it's Spartans or no play.

Texas -4 - At home, they can't afford to lose this game. Line is 2 points higher than I would have liked so we'll see where it goes.
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Cool, my stuff is posted there as well. I just like to get a discussion going here as well, and we commonly use this as the In-Game thread. Is that OK with you?
Re: NCAA Wednesday Card: It's Big, It's tempting, but I'm cold... What to do? Discussion

This is the one game I see Indiana winning

Ia nipped em at Carver and IU returns the favor tonite and there aint a hellva lot diffc between these 2 teams

Both play hard and both have not one starter who would see one minute of playing time at NC, DUKE, TEXAS, PITT, CONNECT, UCLA, WF, UNIV OF TENNESSEE WOMEN'S TEAM, ETC