Need a ruling on this

I called a sportsbook that has done nothing but beat me in the past. I have played with them twice before and both time zero'd out before requesting a payout. Anyway, I ask them if I am eligible for a reload bonus. They say I am eligible for a 10% reload bonus. So I send the money via Neteller and log into the account and they have given me a 20% reload bonus.

I don't plan to call them to ask them about it. But when it comes time for a payout, assuming I don't zero out again, will I be entitled to the full 20% bonus?

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Re: Need a ruling on this

call them and brng it to their attention... this way you avoid all problems and 99% of the time they will let you keep the 20% anyway
Re: Need a ruling on this

better to let them know now...

If you are dealing with a second tier book, they could always say that you derived some of your winnings from that "extra" 10% you were not entitled to......

Like MCP said, most good books will just tell ya to keep it for being honest...

if they don't, well then think twice before sending to them again....unless they offer something very special you dont get elsewhere


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Re: Need a ruling on this

If you got a bigger bonus than you thought, they might expect a higher rollover.

One approach might be: "I just deposited, and got a 20% bonus. What is my rollover?" You have brought it to their attention, but not in a suspicious way :) You might be better doing it by email, so you have a written record if there is a dispute later.