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Been looking at this forum for awhile now, and it's very insightfull. I'm a college student just trying to make an extra buck betting on sports and so far no good. Every loss i take i feel like i learn something new that will help me to handicap. I realize with a forum the only way to get respect is to earn it and i know i have none right now. I will post my picks, take em or fade em, it's up to you. I do have a system that i like and use but it is very picky about what criteria it has to hit to play it. I will have this record to the side along with my regular record. Misewell start tonight.

Chicago +1 *1unit NYG banged up, strahan out, tooman gone and playing against a hungry chicago team. Also huge line movement opening at NYG -3 and then being +1 on friday (A Dr.Bob pick on chi? :+clueless) I'll take chicago.

And my previous pick of the day was Phili -7. This was my special system play and it won. I won't put it in my record cuz i didn't post it. I also had stillers -5, cowboys/ari O40. Won't put those in record either.

YTD: 0-0
SSP(special system play): 0-0


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After watching how bad chicago's offense is doing i decided to hedge the bet. I put down 1.2 units on NYG ML live betting on pinni. 1 unit to win almost 2 units i figure misewell. If chicago loses, i'll only lose like 1/4 a unit, and if NYG win i'll win a unit.