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New to this forum, have bet and follwed college bb for many years (to many to rememer). Have done ok this year, hitting about 55% or so.
Allmost all of of my plays are 1 unit at $100 a unit, occasionally will have 2 unit plays.

ytd 0-0

#837 Michigan -1
#833 Northwestern +6
#848 Ohio State -2
good luck to all
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Thanks guys, was at another forum previously and got tired of some people who just bitch and ridicule others. From reading many threads here, did not see any of that here.
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Well that figures, I start posting plays and go 0-3. I should have known better as I hate the Big X anyway. I heard during one of those losses that someone at the 4 letter word has 8 Big X team in the dance as of yesterday. WTF, I would think 6 from the Big X would be generous at best.

Anyway, tonights picks
#513 Louisville -2
Gtown 2-8 SU and Lou 8-2 SU last 10. I would think GT pretty down after home court loss on Sat. GT 1-9 ATS last 10 as a home dog and Lousiville 5-1 last 6 as RF.
#516 Oklahoma -2.5
Not sure if Griffin is playing. OU will be ready with or without him, couple others stepping up after Griffin went out can only help OU. Of Kansas 11 Big XII wins, 8 have come against Iowa State, Colorado, Nebraska & Kansas St