NFL players opting out

CJ Mosely of the Jets opted out, big loss for them defensively. Curious if a QB opts out, then things really get crazy
Can't see a QB opting out based on how much they make and how the world looks like a lower cap in the future. All these guys' agents are trying to tie veteran deals to a percentage of the cap in rough terms so pass on this season and your make up season later is less lucrative in all likelihood. Younger guys have to worry about not getting closer to free agency and the big deals. This leaves maybe some older backups and guys thinking of retiring anyways as the only potential dropouts, like I could see Fitzmagic calling it quits from this. Brees, if he was thinking about retirement, would make all the sense now and just walk from the last deal right now. Brady too, but he's clearly focused on proving to people he's got something left. Rivers I think needs to get through this one year deal and then figure out if he keeps playing. Rodgers, Wilson, Stafford and Ryan are in the middle of huge deals that will see them lose a lot of money if they took this year off because they have to consider the risk of trying to get another deal down the road. I think Jackson and Watson have to worry about how much they will lose in the future and of course Dak's already there. Otherwise who are you really thinking about? Maybe a Goff or Garapolo, they have a few deals possible in the future so they could probably afford the risk, but that's really about the only big money QBs who could consider it, but they seem unlikely too.