NJ Handle

new jersey 1,952,955,469 as of march 15, 2019
First sportsbook opened june 14, 2018
first online sportsbook opened august 6, 2018
meanwhile NJ governor murphy at the sports betting trade show at the meadowlands. says NJ will top vegas by 2020. in sports betting handle.

his prediction will be off unless maybe if the exchange NJ is getting is like matchbook ???

right now the gov. has a losing ticket
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NJ Handle month of April

313 million

21 million revenue

81 % bets from Online

25% bettors @ Fan Duel from NY
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the books are good enough to bet in NJ. Sometimes the lines are better than offshore but most of the time they are not. Offshore has the openers 99% of the time. A combination of legal and offshore is the best of both worlds.

hard to say what type of bettors are in NJ.. I would say after 1 year of betting NJ probably has run into some bettors that are hard to beat .
Nevada handle is still about +1.5 billion to +1.9 per year more than NJ by time sept rolls around. I would think California/Az bettors have a bigger handle than NY coming over state lines. Also nobody flies to NJ to play compared to flying to Vegas. Revisit in 5 years.