Nut6 bases


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Will have some hoops as well.
Anyone feel free to help with record keeping.

1-4 units like always

Spring bases

1.5 units
Cinn +05

1 unit
Sf +13
Ariz -17

Bol to all

John Kelly

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Re: Nut6 bases

NUT6 will be our featured contestant in the sports edition of EOG's Grand Challenge later this year (July).


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Re: Nut6 bases

I’ll take up the grading job if it’s still available.

Greatly enjoy these threads, Nutter.

Bases: 1-2-1, -1.67u
CBB: 3-2, +3.5u

Thread total: 4-4-1, +1.83u

I’ll assume -110 unless you list prices on hoops plays.


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Re: Nut6 bases


4 units
Tex und 137 -08
Hawaii +5 -08
Okl st +2 1sth

3 units
Sd st -2 -06
Elon -1.5 -12
Niagara ovr 162
Utah -5 -08 1sth

2 units
Tcu ovr 141.5
Unc dav und 131.5
V tech ovr 67.5 1sth
Butler +1 1sth