NY will have sports betting maybe by the start of the 2019 football season

NYC midtown about 7.5 miles away to Fan Duel at the meadowlands .

Fan Duel is very happy... or People from NYC drive thru the Lincoln tunnel get a coffee at the nearest gas station open any NJ mobile app bet & Drive back
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what juice these places usually deal?

-110 or higher?

football & baskets will be -110 both sides. In some states if Resorts and/or sugar house are in NY. You would see reduced lines on NFL game day every game sides & totals with Sugarhouse. Resorts if in NY would see select games on the major sports reduced. NFL money lines could be cheaper on the favorite at fan duel & draftkings.
MLB & NHL sides have wider margins, totals & run lines could be cheaper with the UK shops . The Nevada shops located in NY are fine. Open several accounts to get the best of both worlds.

The online computer has not been approved I do not think yet, it should be ok though by football. Mobile around the stadiums will have it probably by football.
So how do these things work?

Lets say there are two books.

I am up at one, 10K but down 10K at the other one.

I owe taxes??? Cause I am guessing, the one where I am up at will send me a 1099
nothing. some of the places like draftkings take the whole SSN... the Nevada places only took last 4 . They made some changes with the sign up rules since then though .. . no IRS paperwork at the end of year, note: I did not get any. They are looking for money movers/game players In case the IRS/investigators comes knockin at their door, then they point their finger at you.