Off All Days To Score Over 146 Runs

Today will be the day. Me and Brewers tied for 1st in the bookmaker contest. I took 146, he took 149. Looks like 100 runs already scored in a few innings today. Mother fuckers.

Good luck Brewers, I'll need some shut outs.
Re: Off All Days To Score Over 146 Runs

What are the payouts? Good luck ball.

Bi weekly contests, the new one starts tommorow. Each two week prizes are

$500 1st (5 x roll)
$300 2nd (5 x roll)
$200 3rd (5 x roll)

From Bookmaker. Great two week contests and I like the fact that every 2 weeks new one starts.

No way this is staying under 146 runs today. So I will grab 2nd which is fine by me. This two weeks was totals.