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mr merlin

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must be friends again... he sent oil to ukraine

saudi and russia selling china energy...... who will win? russia cause of the discount of 30%... saudi gets what ever is left on the 25 year deal
so saudi sent oil to ukraine
I believe ukraine is still getting most of their oil from russia , they have a very large refinery that has never been attacked, it would be far easier to attack a refinery than a power plant.

mr merlin

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Looks like the Yemen war will end as well, iran has promised not to arm the houthies and the saudi's are going to do the same to their side, china is assembling an anti US coalition and no one is talking about it.

mr merlin

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This is why his men love the wagner boss.

Prigozhin spoke about the Platinum Star award for the fighters of PMC "Wagner"

📝 “Yes, the Star of the Hero of PMC Wagner is issued exclusively to fighters who, with weapons in their hands, risking their lives, have accomplished a heroic deed. Never issued to commanders, only to ordinary soldiers or junior staff.

Issued both during life and posthumously. During the entire existence of PMC "Wagner" 26 Platinum Stars of the Hero of PMC "Wagner" were awarded. Four of them are posthumous. Making a decision takes a maximum of a day.

The decision of the council of commanders to reward me is never disputed. The commander can only be awarded posthumously and only if he died with a weapon in his hands.

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I would never defend that disgusting reptile, but there's a zero percent chance he can name a single person playing college basketball. He picked Arizona because someone on his staff told him to say that. All he does is repeat what someone else puts on the teleprompter for him.

For sure. Like I said, he runs the country the same way he picks his brackets.

Someone else does everything for him and it leads to absolutely horrific results.

mr merlin

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This commander has been fired, some in ukraine want to execute him - for telling the truth. Yea, them russians must be losing bad LOL.