One policy I'd like to see at this site

This place is likely to be overrun with ghosts (both admin and regular posters) because of the way the registration is set up. Almost everywhere else you have to enter a valid email address and click on a link on an email that the site sends to validate it. That discourages a lot of ghosts because of the hassle of setting up all sorts of email accounts. It doesn't stop the determined people, but more the casual ghosters.

That would be an ironic twist for this group to crack down on ghosting.

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The registration issue will be addressed Monday when our programmers get back from the bahamas with the money we paid them.

The concern is noted.

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As for ghosts, with anonymizers and AOL, etc...whatever, it is not easy to be certain of ghosts unless we form an opinion with an agenda. What many realize is that problematic posters will be at every site nearly, yet look at the % compared to the good ones and it is all good.


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5teamparlay said:
Or out the ghost poster and maybe in the dump have a place where posters with same IP's are listed in a continued thread.
Now that's a cool idea!
Then we can see who's talking to himself.:D
Re: One policy I'd like to see at this site

There was this one time when I was a kid, I slept in a barn and saw a "ghost" and got so fucking scared I fell asleep or passed out or something. Woke up in the morning and saw a pair of old overalls hanging and swinging in the breeze.
Re: One policy I'd like to see at this site

Hennesey i take it u are a black man? I haven't met many blacks that are not afraid of ghosts. I remember a time on a job site i made two black guys go in this basement type of deal to do a job. So the three of us were kidding around and then the two of them go down the hole talking about ghost. So i told them if u two pussy's won't go down there i will. So the one black guy says to me not to shut the door to this basement :LMAOand i better hope there isn't any rats down in that hole. I told them there wasn't any rats because i heard the snakes ate them. Well i found out blacks don't like snakes either :+textinb3. Me and my big mouth. I had to finish the job.

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Re: One policy I'd like to see at this site

this one time there was a white sheet on the ground in my bedroom, it had to be a ghost that passed out, so i kicked it and threw it out.
Re: One policy I'd like to see at this site

If anyone has 2 accounts on the same message board, then that is the pinnacle of complete fucking worthlessness.