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The World Health Organization released the first statement about a new "pneumonia like coronavirus" in the Wuhan region of China. Feels like more than a year.

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I will always remember Mark Cuban's courtside reaction to the NBA suspending the remainder of the 2020 regular season.

The date was March 11.

The action was swift and decisive.

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I would argue Nov 8, 2016

A Day that will live in Infamy
Winner, winner chicken dinner. Just think it's been 5 days since the Trump insurgents broke into the capital building. Carrying Confederate and Trump flags. There still hasn't been one briefing from law enforcement and we still haven't been addressed by the white house. A complete and colossal failure for 4 years. Thank god for left wing and progressive media
true, they want to edit speech, burn books, take your guns, stop your religion, want your property and money
Nazi faggot, Trump lost, stop the fear mongering and lies. All it does is lead to death and injuries. So many Nazi suckers like you need to be locked up for inciting riots