Opening & Closing #s

Back in the day Cris, the Greek run by Spiro & Pinnacle w/the Big H @ the controLs had the most respected openers & we thought overall best #s in the business, now w/Spiro closing, having no ties to Pinnacle anymore what is the state of Openers & Closing #s & does Heritage & Intertops partipate in this ? My apologies if I've offended anyone. Is there any sites to go for such information anymore. Thank u gentleman


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Not much thought go into openers......I don't care who opened first. That's why they initiated over-nights. Fezzik posted a long
time ago the real openers were the next day early morning numbers. I don't disagree.

John Kelly

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I like to use CGT in Las Vegas as a reputable line.

They take large wagers and they don't move unless the move is warranted.