OT: MP3 player questions


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I have used a rio MP3 player for years. I like it, because I can work out in it, it is easy to use/set up, and it survives being dropped/tossed (on more than one occasion, I dropped it on concrete... it didn't miss a beat).

Rio no longer sells MP3 players.

Do any of you occasional athletes have an MP3 player you like?
Re: OT: MP3 player questions

I'm also in the market for a MP3 player and would rather not get an Ipod.

Seriously considering either the Creative Zen Vision M or the Zune. 30gb for around $250. Not really for working out though. They both have nice display screens for videos.
Re: OT: MP3 player questions

I don't know. I've held out this long, but now I need one. Just looking for something different I guess and I'm not a MAC guy. I like the bigger display screens on the competitors.