PAC12….say goodbye to the National Championship….


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All PAC 12 cares about is Rose Bowl.

Their fans don't care or follow Nationals scene. Only their teams and conference.

Professional teams are king in those cities.

John Kelly

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ASU went for two after scoring a touchdown to lead by seven.

Love that gamble in a high-scoring game.


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Care to except pain the last 30 years?

maybe Montana can join the PAC 12.

If you go back 30 years only USC twice and the Huskies sharing in 1991 have won titles and one of USC's got forfeited to a red state.

I would say 27.5-2.5 is quite an edge gyms open or not.

boston massacre

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College Football Teams, That Make Their Homes in The Pacific and Mountain Time Zones, Flat Out Suck.

Any High School Players, That Get Heavily Recruited in Those Time Zones, Get The Fuck Out at First Opportunity.

Lots of Posters Out That Way Got Sucked into Taking Oregon Against Stanford on Saturday, and Were Taught a Quick Lesson on The Over Hyped Ducks.

Even if You Ran The Table Out West, Your Wins Would Be Against , And All Those Teams Suck. They're Like AAA Baseball Teams, Playing Against The Major Leaguers.


Oregon St.


Arizona St.


Washington St.







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Did Florida lose at Kentucky?

That is a worse loss than Oregon at Stanford.
Both teams were favored by about 7.5, don't see where the Gators loss is worse than the Oregon loss, and Florida would beat Oregon head to head imo


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who is better than oregon besides ga and bama?
I won't waste my time, but there are a lot of teams better than Oregon, the Ducks have gained the same amount of yards as they've given up, the thought that they were the third best team in the country before yesterday was laughable, now even more so


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Oregon would be the only undefeated considered.

Who does SC play non-conference to be considered in
the equation?


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Tanner Mckee is a 22 yr old freshman, i predict nfl for him. from centennial corona, was top 50 in 2018 but when on a lds mission to brazil for 2 yrs. 6 foot 6 looks better than luck, has less talent around him then luck