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What are your opinions on what the odds will be in the next series whether Angels win in 4 or 5 or if the Yankees come back to win in 5 games ? Would play White Sox now if it would probably be @ a better # than when Angels\Yankees series is over. But would think Yankees would give a White Sox play added value, especially with Yankees coming in off 2 wins if this matchup happens .

Any ideas on where to get the best # if I wanted to play the White Sox to win it all now :+thumbs-2 ? Or better to wait and see who there next series is against ? What #s do you think a Cardinals\White Sox World Series would bring ?Thanks for any input.GL
wantitall4moi said:
Yakees -140
CWS +130

Angels -110
CWS +100

Cards -170
CWS +160
Saw close to these predictions somewhere else too . See Sox -170 & -176 @ OLY & PINNY now . Think Colon injury has this big of an effect ? Better to wait now & hope Sox get upset in 1st or 2nd game if wanting to pull trigger on White Sox,no ? Wish Yanks would have won ( so Sox would pay better ) behind that clutch hitting A-ROD .


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It's an overreaction to Colon's injury, the travel schedule of the Angels, and Chicago's pasting of the Red Sox. The teams are pretty even on paper.
They opened -150/+140.

Colon injury definately swayed the odds, not to mention Angels rotation in general is completely shot to hell.

Going to be very difficult for Angels to win this series as it stands right now. Especially if Colon cannot go at all.

I will still betteh Angels, but I will wait til after they lose tonight and get some really huge odds. Deifantely a gamble, but worth a shot. Angels still have experience.

If Angels somehow win tonight I will of course miss out, and then have a decision to make.