Placed in Poker Tourney....

Hi guys I placed in the Free Tourney on Wed, and still haven't gotten my credit from Bookmaker....I emailed them...just wondering if someone in here can help me since the tourney was an EOG event.


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Re: Placed in Poker Tourney....

Inot sure how long it usually takes for these but maybe wait to see if it is credited tomorrow and if not I'm sure ball could help you.
Re: Placed in Poker Tourney....

Ddi you check your sportsbook account? I won $50 last week and there was a $50 freeplay in my sportsbook account. Not sure if that was why it was there if it was not the payout.


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Re: Placed in Poker Tourney....

When I won in the past whether on the EOG FR or the Tuesday Freeplay FR it always took 1 day to get the free play. Be patient, it will come.