Poker Freeroll Participants Check In (Contest)

I'm planning on giving away a brand-new flat-screen TV that will be valued around $500. I've also asked around to see if a sportsbook or EOG can kick something else in... and I'm waiting to hear back.

The contest will take place over 12 weeks. Your best 10 finishes will be added up... and the person at the top of the leaderboard will be our 2012 Poker Champ. That gives all of us some flexibility... so you can miss a week or two and not have to worry about being out of contention. [Official Rules will be out before the contest starts]

There will be one requirement... the poster must register with any EOG sponsor (under our banners) of their choice and deposit a minimum of $50. The money is all yours.

Re: Poker Freeroll Participants Check In (Contest)

I've made a few deposits at bookmaker...does that count or does it have to be a new account from the list above?


EOG Master
Re: Poker Freeroll Participants Check In (Contest)

Will be a good opportunity for me to bust those fukks at slotocash!