Poor-thinking Pete


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surprising to me
Punting the ball away at almost midfield with roughly 3 minutes to go.
I think it was 4th and maybe 10 or 12
Yes I would instantly defer to Computer Bob
To me it’s a no brainer and a mathematical certainty to go for a first down.
If I want Green Bay to win the game
the thing that Seattle would do to make me the most uncomfortable is go for a first down.
the thing that would make me the most comfortable is to punt
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i agree. you have all three timeouts and the 2 minute warning.

if you don't get the first down and allow a fg you are still down 8

who do you trust more. russell wilson or your defense?

this season the answer has been very clear.

i dislike when coaches play to lose close instead of doing everything for the win.


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Your down 5 with the clock winding down
To make a first down is asking your team to do exactly one thing - make a first down - which is reasonable and not at all far fetched. It is a clear path to being in a decent spot. The upside of doing that ONE thing is very large - you would have the ball in packer territory with all your time -outs and a decent amount of time. You are suddenly in a fair position to win.
Punting the ball means you need about FIVE DIFFERENT things to all go correctly to have any chance to win. It is incorrect to say you have to stop them once - you have to stop them 3 times- on first down second down and third down.
If you fail on making the first down
you still have that one chance to stop the Packers and get the ball back.
Playing " safe " when your down is not correct.
Pete Carroll Punting at the end of the game yesterday clearly was dead wrong..
11 yards is a lot in that situation but I kinda agree with everybody here. You go for it

One more stop on that 3rd down though and who knows what would have happened.


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I'm now seeing
It was 4 th and 11 from his own 36 with 2;41 remaining.
Carroll"s saying he punted because the odds ( of making a first down )
were too low.
I strongly question his math.