shake up. Brad Powers is OUT!

AJ Hoffman posted this at pregame today.

Wonder if RJ talks about this today on the show.

Hey Pregame.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news regarding the future of the college basketball Dream Preview podcast.

Brad Powers resigned from Pregame today, and unfortunately the future of the podcast is in doubt without him. I know Sleepy and Dave Essler have been doing a podcast on college hoops, and I sent him some of my notes from what would have been today's Dream Pod, but I am not sure what RJ has in mind going forward for a college hoops podcast, if there is going to be one at all.

I know this was a tough decision for Brad, so hopefully you guys can be respectful of his decision (both in here and on social media).

Brad is an excellent handicapper who has had a bad season, and putting your picks out publicly can really take a toll when things aren't breaking your way (I know from experience over the last month or so). He has also become a very viable broadcaster. I enjoyed doing the podcasts with him very much, as well as having him as a guest on my radio show.

I wish Brad the best going forward, and I will let you all know when I get some info about the future of the college basketball Dream Pod.

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He didn't have a good year in football
He used to work for Phil Steele who absolutely sucks picking football games
7 years he worked for phil. phil understood that spitting info to the masses was an easier way to make money than trying to find winners.

espn advertises phil as this college fb god because of his overrated magazine.
brad was very good at pregame when he started. but the longer he was there and the more time he spent with RJ he really started to doubt his reasoning along with having more and more radio/podcast requirements that took away from his capping started to take its toll.

no word from RJ about his on his monday show.

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I'm always leery of public handicappers who don't talk about making a wager, but instead discuss sending their selections to a webmaster.
So much for Mr. Knowledge of College as RJ coined him.
not a peep from RJ on the radio show or on the forum.

wonder if this was a new contract wasn't to Brad's liking. he was doing way more media stuff this past year and his capping was suffering. might have asked for fezzik dollars and rj said no. no idea as the forum at pregame has been quiet with just a thread praising brad.

i hope ken thompson steps into the roll because he is the only one who snaps back at RJ when randall tries to undermine or take a shot at his reasoning or a play.

too many cappers let RJ run the narrative and RJ LOVES to bust on EVERYONE's thinking on the radio show or the podcast.

he talks about the radio show growing so fast but is this simply because they keep adding markets or they are actually growing the number of listeners PER market.


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It's very rich for RJ to force these guys to make GOYs then mock them when they lose.

He asks Fezzik for a power rating or to make a line then
belittles him for his opinion. RJ is the perfect example of the fairy tale a emperor has no clothes.
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Brad Powers was on the latest dream preview pod and talked about health issues of having high blood pressure and a rough college football and basketball season for which he stated he is "taking a break" and might be back for the football season.

I wonder how a guy who has been gambling for YEARS...allegedly suddenly start to have health issues after a rough season.

Mmmmm maybe working for a dictator aka complete asshole like RJ has more to do with this.