President Poopy Pants?

Every time I see left wing rants about Trump, I think about why all that time, energy, and resource isn’t spent within to assure a quality opponent is put forth. Guess it’s easier to be banging away on a keyboard in a sports forum screaming Hitler and Der Fuhrer in all caps than to truly get involved in a positive manner.
Low info AA. You can't even explain why Trump fired four inspector Generals in a month. You probably don't even know the role of the Inspector General. And you probably don't know how old the Inspector General program is. Hitler on steroids has fired 5 or 6 from the start. 4 in one month. But the good people don't know why they were fired. The RepubliCons let him do it, they don't care. Come November the good will prevail and obviously you will be on the wrong side of history. The anti-American side, the fascist anti democracy side.
RepubliCon party is Dying!
Hey Hey, Ho Ho
Do you know why 4 IG's had to go?

- Big Runner at the Chicago rally today

Trump defender toeing the right wing line once again. America's democracy and principles is under attack by RepubliCons. I'll call you Slobadan from now on. In honor of your inhumane ideology.

"Do the businessed matter".
- Slobadan