PRM mandatory payout pick 5 jackpot tonight

I'm gonna key the 3 in race 9. Looks like a standout to me. Like the other suggestions as possible keys too. Will take a couple of stabs at it using this rotation. Good luck guys. Here's my first ticket 137/5910/3/2678/138.

John Kelly

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Here now.

Just hit the Pick 3 ending in Race 6.

Now I need to hit eight straight races to hit the Pick 5 in races 7 through 11.

John Kelly

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Would love to see the breakdown of money in each of the Pick 5 races before the start of the seventh race.

The toteboard for each race is deceptive.

The real money is in the Pick 5 pot.
I went 1236
Fair value on the winner was listed at 3.3/1
sometimes I ignore the obvious

1.8 million put into the pool
about 46K in the other pools when do you ever see that
Would have hit the pick 5 3 times if the 8 wins the 7th at 12/1. Was likely looking at close to a 5 figure score

Instead... I was down $350.

The fun in horse racing..1/2 length changes everything.