Question About Buying Guns On Net

Was wondering what laws are there?? I saw some great pieces and one was an automatic weapon. Some of these guns cannot be legal. It is ok to buy them on net and ship to NJ?

I know sporting good stores have some but ones on net seem better and more advanced.

Does anyone know?

Big Bettor not the answer i was looking for. Give me some legal facts

Big Bettor I would like to see your post count go up here as you are a good poster

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Here is the one I got my eye on but the guy wants $4500 for it. Is it worth it?? Is it overpriced?? I hear they are legal in some states and legal anywhere if not loaded.


The General

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JJ, you can but a lot more for less. What if that gun jams on you? Do you know immediate action sir? You cannot have faith that your weapon will work when needed. Buy several handguns and shoulder vest, and leg & back holster and be ready. Buy a Gas mask also with the leftover money. Also, regardless of the law, have a sawed off shotgut.

GL, we will need these things maybe.
What in the world do you need a gun for Skippy? I would rather see you investing in rugs, thongs, old caddys, and mink coats rather than guns.


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JJ everything is legal until you get caught. You should really be looking into a benelli shotgun with a 14" barrel. It is compact enough to keep under the mink and commands serious respect when in view. You can get it in automatic so you dont have to waste any time or energy pumping the thing.
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Swope a rather interesting device where did you see that ?? What site?

Pete all I have is 44 caliber, yes you have to b careful with weapons but I do not want any bullets, I just like to look at them and polish them.

Hitter I have Bows also,

Watson way too big
The Gen. is right. JJ, drive down a couple of states where buying guns in Pawn Shops is legal. Get a cheap 12ga pump shotgun. Remove the plug saw off the barrel then load w/00 buck shot.

Your fukkin nuts!!!!

Son all I want to do is polish it and hang on my leather walls

Good Luck tonight Sammy and lets get in the White Sox on the RL
I sware to fucken god 50% of JJ's posts just crack me up. " Son all I want to do is polish it and hang on my leather walls" WTF!... Leather walls?? JJ dude stop, you can't be serious.

Can you guys imagine JJ just walking around his place, seeing wires running down from his neighbors apartament which he uses for electricity. Once a while he just sit down watched a game he got action on, begins to polish his .44 and then puts it on his leather wall. Post a bit more and go swimming with his bathingsuit on.

JJ i'm going to have to take a trip with my boy down to where you live. Hang out for a day or some shit.
remember jj QUALITY not QUANTITY!!!!!!

jj I just remember a thread similar to this one somewhere else about guns...For that you can talk with Heston not a site about gambling....

Try not to ruin this fourm like you have done so many others...:+clueless
Sledgy ever forum I leave goes under look at MW now a ghost town.

Sledgy I am totally different that last year as that is one of reasons this site is thriving because we got guys like me here.

Sledgy good luck on the play