Random Thoughts About Last Night's Game


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When Boller went down w/ his injury, fans where cheering. I wonder why the announcers didn't say anything. When Michael Irvin went down in Philly and everyone cheered, the announcers went nuts. here, it was baltimore's own player not some coke hound on another team.

did boller really get taken out of the game w/ two helpers for a big toe? i thought he broke a leg or something.

when Baltimore was down 17, the announcers couldn't believe they tried a field goal. last time i checked, two tds and a field goal ties the game. obviously, hind sight being what it is, they need a new kicker. the kicker killed me in the first half.

do you think brian billick still considers himself a genius at offense?


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Cleveland cheered like crazy when Tim Couch got hurt a couple years ago also. Then he cried about it to reporters.