rate your worse ebay experience

Have made 5-6 small ebay buys ranging from motorcycle parts to books paying nothing over $75. Sent $400 to a guy in Skokie 7 days ago and still no show. Lets hear your bad ebay trips.

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Worst was just a little over $100.

Guy never sent the package after payment.

I won the case though, after they froze his Ebay & Paypal account, then reopened it, they sent me my funds as soon as it entered his account.

I would say the odds are he thought he got away with it because as soon as they deducted what was owed to me from his account, I got an email from him in which he wasn't very happy, lol.

Hache Man

"Seven Days Without Gambling Makes One Weak"
By the way, this guy was a slick one......

I have a 100% Ebay rating and very much verified Paypal account.
His were not that impressive.
In order to fight the case, he had to provide a tracking code or a delivery confirmation slip that the package was received.

Well, of course that didn't exist because he never sent the package.

Soooo, what this wise guy did was send an EMPTY package that had to be signed for. I wasn't home so my wife signed for the package.

Well, I open it up, and it's a completely EMPTY package!
After thinking about it and reading the address, I put it all together.

Low and behold, he now had the signature that the package was indeed delivered!:doh1

Turns out though he had simiar complaints and I still won.......lol
Have about 80 e-bay transactions, out of the 80 two were not up to par. On both occasions I complained to the seller, who refunded and let me keep the item. So I have no issues. Would strongly suggest you read the feedback on party about to do business with before clicking the button. Feedback tells the tale....
And let me add, I am such a big fan, before I make any purchase, I pretty much check e-bay to see who is selling the same item at fall of the truck/I sell out of my basement prices. Good stuff :+excited-


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I ordered a sports pager from a guy. He took 7 days to respond and tell me he was sending it. About 10 days later and 3 e-mails he replied that he was not sending it! So I filed a claim against him and he told me that he was going to send it now so drop the claim. I said I would do it when I got a tracking number. He gave me a tracking number, but it didnt work. I kept the claim filed and ordered a new pager off e-bay. That one got to me in 7 days, but the day before it got there the other one got there! So I was stuck with two sportspagers. I was very angry and left a very poor feedback
I made about 35 transactions on ebay. Bought a car for 7k , surround sound for 1k, and other small items. I had about 35 transactions that were all fine. Until last month when i won an auction for a t-top. I waited like 3 weeks and emailed the seller and he said his friend was supposed to send it and he was on vacation. So basically he passed the blame on his friend, then he said he would send the item out ASAP. I said ok, send it out and it's cool, waited a week and still nothing. Now i gotta file a claim, just a pain in the A$$ more than anything. I won't see my money back for about 2 months after the auction. So my 150 is basically frozen, pisses me off.
Phew the stuff just arrived. :+thumbs-2

He said he sent it USPS 8 days ago but it came in Fedex day sent out on Monday. Maybe he felt bad about the delayed send date. In any case alls well that ends well.