Ravens or Steelers? Who's better?

One opinion, which surprised me, says the Steelers:

We have been critical of Lamar Jackson since day one and the tape backs up the claims that he’s a glorified running back, except this year, he isn’t running, at least when it matters most and extending the drive. Jackson has taken off and cashed in just 10 first down runs in 41 rushing attempts for a 24.39% 1st Down%. Last season he was moving the chains at a 40.34% clip. Jackson consistently misses throws to open receivers he often has one read and then checks down to tight end Mark Andrews. Unless you’re the Bengals, this is a very beatable team that has no business spotting points like this on the road.

What little market credibility the Eagles gained with Week 4’s Sunday night win over San Francisco is surely lost one after both of those teams got whacked in Week 5. The Eagles lost 38-29 to the Steelers, while the 49ers were embarrassed 43-17 at home against the Dolphins. However, despite the unfavorable result, the Eagles were not outclassed by the Steelers. Believe it or not, but Philly was down just two points with 11:27 to go in the fourth quarter. If you backed the Steelers spotting 7½, as we did, you were sweating bullets until a 35-yard touchdown pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Chase Claypool with three minutes to go sealed the deal and luckily sent us to the pay window. Now, the Eagles are taking back a similar price here, at home, against a team that is not as good as the Steelers.

Odds to win division:

Ravens -167
Steelers +225
Browns +500
Bungles +20,000



Bells Beer Connoisseur
The league has caught up to Lamar so far. If Big Ben can stay healthy (a big if), they may have the offense in the AFC after KC. I do agree with Rail, the play to win the division today is Cleveland.
Railbird, do you like this pick:

Cleveland +143 over PITTSBURGH
1:00 PM EST. The role of big brother can be a complicated one. Some brothers might show you how to fish or slip you your first Playboy, but others? They dish out the pain. Enter the Pittsburgh Steelers. We could get into the very ugly history between these two teams, but we respect your time, so we’ll keep it short and sweet. The Steelers have not lost at home to the Browns in 16 years. Period. Before we continue, we just want to point out that the South Carolina Gamecocks had not beaten Auburn since 1933 before yesterday's victory. In other words, the series history means absolutely jack.

The market eats these useless trends up like it’s a fine cut of BBQ baby back ribs. The more we hear about the Steelers owning this team, the more we know the Brownies are hearing about it too but the gig is near its end.

The Eagles' skeleton crew put up 29 points against Pittsburgh last week and probably should have beat them but it’s not just that. Pittsburgh is 4-0, but whom has it played? The Giants, Broncos, Texans and Eagles. Combined that quartet has three wins and 16 losses and the Steelers barely got by all four. The Browns will field the best offensive line the Steelers will have faced this season. Cleveland is first in rushing offense and fourth in scoring. Odell Beckham Jr figures play and he's likely going to do some damage against a Steelers’ defense that gives up a lot of explosive plays.

Instead of looking ahead to this game last week, Cleveland beat the Colts by nine. The “same ol’ Brownies would have been caught in a sandwich game last week after a thrilling win over Dallas the week prior. Cleveland has played a much tougher schedule than the Steelers, they have a vastly superior defense and everything points to this being the year they get this proverbial monkey off its back.
The Browns get blown out for the 2nd time this year (2 for 2) vs the only two division rivals competing with them for a playoff spot.

Ravens 38, Browns 6
Steelers 38, Browns 7

At least the next time they play these 2 this season it will be on their home field.
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