Redskins and Eagles will combine for 60-plus points

I have this current Philly defense as one of the worst in the NFL right now. Even Eli Manning tore them apart in 1st half in last game only to implode in 2nd half.

Chris Thompson is back for Washington and I believe even Peterman can throw on this Eagles defense.

Over 44.5 -110
McCoy has a full game in which he started under his belt. If you think Washington is leaving without scoring 20+ you should not be gambling.

Division game, sparks will fly and flags will come. Make or break game. These are moments gamblers should cherish.
Before any of you cry about Redskins o line, eagles Nigel Bradham will be playing with a cast.

Wrap your mind around that. Jordan Reed roaming around down the middle or wherever.


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Interesting that sharp book moneylines all taking a hit on Skins.....square shops betting PHI line.
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The Eagles had trouble scoring all year, I dont think its gonna click for them against a tough D.

I am envisioning a lot of punt from both sides and plenty of fg.

23-16 feels about right.

Winner TBD
My original thought was that Pete but I have full confidence we will see some fireworks here.

On my charts, Philly defense in its current form is bottom 5. I have a different method of handicapping but I do invest a lot of time in this.

IMO the Eagles will struggle moving the ball.

And Mccoy is fairly inaccurate. If Wash will score a lot, it will have to be on chunk plays. Too many third downs and Mccoy will misfire quite often
JK, your 3rd stringer is a developmental guy. No he probably won't solve the problem. But, with two 30 somethings qbs, you better have one and he will at least know the offense.