Redskins' Smith Inactive!


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If he's smart he'll hang them up. He didn't want his career to end with that gruesome injury, he wanted to prove to himself he wasn't finished and could still play the game, no athlete wants to see their career come to and end by being carted off the field, Big time tip of the cap to him for going through what he had to in order get back on the field, but now it's time for him to live the second part of his life, the post football part, he's very fortunate he didn't die from that injury, and at this point he should be thankful he didn't reinjure that leg, he's got plenty of money, just enjoy the rest of your life with your family now and put football behind you


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My Super Show ticket probably dead. Still have the Lambs and Bears.
Let's be honest, your ticket was dead the second you made it. You want a new sig? You have a better chance of being elected governor of Michigan, than a Cleve/Wash SB
Montez could be a decent backup in time, very big guy but has some mobility. Good arm too, but would have a great game and then a terrible game at CU. If Heinicke isn't moving the team may not hurt to try him out late.

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If this Heinekie kid gets hurt, does anyone know who the third string is?

With Steven Montez serving as the back-up to Heinekie, the Redskins will be in better shape than the Rams were earlier today.

Punter Johnny Hekker would have seen action at quarterback if Jared Goff had gone down.
This Heinicke guy is good to enough to win but have to stop Brady in the second half. The fact this is not already dead is a good sign. Like when that cocksucker Connor Cook was emergency QB for the raiders.