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For most coaches, one SB ring does not guarantee a spot in Canton. In Reid's case, he will be a lock. He may well get in anyways, but he's a lock if the Chiefs win.
My favorite coach of all time...he made the Eagles competitive when he took over and drafted McNab...Eagle franchise back then was really bad.....Will be rooting for him to win...
Two smart offensive minded coaches with extra time to get in the lab offers plenty of time to create some new wrinkles.

if his game stays under Vegas sportsbooks are going to be very happy.
Will the Kansas City Defense be able to stop the 49ers now respectable Rushing attack?

Can the 49ers and Jimmy G pass well enough and rally if they do fall behind 14 points or more?

Was playing the Packers right before their biggest game in awhile a bad thing for the Niners?

Will there be a rush or steady flow of 49ers money to make them the Favorite somewhere?

Can we bring back the Touchdown Celebration penalty rule? Please?

Crazy Pete

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Maybe he’s a good head coach behind the scenes, but during the game, Reid is utterly horrific at clock management. That’s a very important part of the job, and anyone who gets an ‘F’ in that category should not be in the HOF.