Remember the college three-point line changed this season

They are using the FIBA line of 22 feet 1 3/4 inches.

The previous line was 20 feet 9 inches.

The new mark will be longer than the NBA line in the corners. That distance is just 22 feet.

I wonder if agents are going to use "my players is going to shoot better once he gets to the NBA with that shorter three point line.".

November 5th starts the madness with 147 games.
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The FIBA shot is a much longer shot than the old line.

Forget hitting off-balance 3's this season.

A shooter's feet will need to be set.

Also, upgrade teams that play inside-out or shoot 3's on the break.

Like most everything, smart teams and smart coaches will benefit from the rule change.
I'll be attending tonight's UNLV game against IPFW at the Thomas & Mack Center.

Notes to follow.
Ken Pom is predicting a UNLV 82-74 win. His thrill score has this as the 34th most exciting game tonight out of 89 games.

At 3:15pm Pacific time UNLV -11.5 and 161.5 are the numbers across the board.
Does the 3pt line move impact the inside-out passing game. Longer toss, will offense set up further from the net, outside pass structure, etc.