RIP Brian Blessing

John Kelly

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Sorry to hear about Brian.

I met him on his first day in Las Vegas.

He came from Buffalo where he was a television sports anchor in the '80s and '90s.

When first arriving in Las Vegas, Brian teamed with oddsmaker Kenny White on several radio and television projects.

Brian and Kenny called high school football games every Friday night in the fall season for a local Las Vegas television station.

I also remember Brian hosting various events at Sunset Station for sports book director Chuck Esposito.

Brian knew a lot about three areas of sports: horses, hockey and the Buffalo Bills.

His chit-chat broadcasting style reminded me of the late Chicago sportscaster Chet Coppock.


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Back when I first got DirecTV in the 90s I used to tune into Empire Sports which was a Buffalo Regional Sports Network. He had a very good hockey show covering the Sabres pre and post game.


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Brian was on the don best video's for a while . Brian was also working with kenny w. at LVSC in nevada. RIP


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Used to cross paths with him often in the past since I used to hang out a lot in the Henderson, GVR and Sunset Station areas. Was a fun friendly guy to talk to and we shared our love for hockey, Brian was well liked by people in Las Vegas, sports betting circles and many listeners!


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Back when Ralph Siraco and Ricky Herron did race day extra Brian was a guest that brought out the the best in the horse man and the sports man. He was a great listen when ever he spoke.