Some of you may say I am a prick..some may say rude, but I need answers..and need them now..I am sick and tired of guessing and worrying...
and this latest chat says it all....Say what you will but I had a feeling this would happen...All I can say is we got the shaft..I call it like I see it.
People at got mad because I call it like I see it..well ...

Please wait for a site operator to respond. Your chat should be answered within 1 seconds. Thank you for your patience.
Hello, my name is Eric Wallace. How may I help you today?
You: why did you people lie and say the check option would be available today and now the web site is saying the 26th?
You: why do you continue to lie..just tell us you cannot pay and will not pay and be done with it
You: everyone knows
Eric Wallace: This is a sudden decision of our management and we do not know the reason of this change as of now
You: we all figured you would be going out of business and stiffing the players..thousands of people on the internet boards know..
Eric Wallace: We have been only assured that March 26th is the final date when our check processors will start their work
You: we have been given many "dates" and "timeframes" why should we believe this?
Eric Wallace: I totally understand your frustration
You: why would you work for a company that lies to their customers...or should I say varying stories, their customers?
You: do you actually think players US CITIZENS would come back and play at a book that does this. Nothing personal against you mr. Wallace..
Eric Wallace: Please understand that our company doe not intend to lie to its customers in any way
Eric Wallace: These recent delays in processing withdrawals are the result of recently passed gambling law
You: ok thanks for your time

don't even get me started with

trust me flyer, ur on a softer seat then a lot of people here, atleast they give u dates. Best of luck to you and everyone on to get their money.

Me getting my money at looks SLIM to NONE

they told me today 7-10 business days from today. i was told my payouts would be processed today. he said i should receive by next friday. i am starting to think this is a stiffjob. too bad. i have been waiting now 32 days and am told to wait another 7-10 business days....unacepptable.

I was told I was one of the test bank wires last week on Tuesday -- I still have no answers except coming -- I went to the general for help and he was able to get nowhere as well except for the same form answer I really dont know where to turn at this point - Ive read stuff on-line, they always answer my questions and appologize but no definate answers except that my bank wire for a pretty good size amount had been processed on the 13th of March -- anyone have experience on these or how long they should take ? I really hope the best for all of us but after weeks of doubt, I am really thinking its just not going to happen - I thought the General was very well respected on these boards and he would be able to help so I didnt post but went to him first and he was sent a form answer and told the check processor was up and running which it is not as we all know --- Ive been reading here for the past weeks with everyone else and wish I would have know about these boards before this problem and maybe I would not be in this situation but I had always played with for years with never a problem

mods - the banner must come down. this book continues to take deposits with no intention to pay out. please take them down.


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there was a time that when a forum put up a banner, it meant the website stood behind that book or casino... they were "vouching" for it and would step in to assist at the slightest hint of a problem, mainly to protect the website's reputation as an intermediary between books & players. that time is gone, and it has been for a while.

sting used to help players at the drop of a hat with any book, advertiser or not... then things changed. when panam started to show signs of cracking, he began locking down threads related to panam problems. therx has taken this style of moderation to its extreme. now sting's site is pretty much a ghost town & people are leaving therx rapidly as well. eog's net poster base, in contrast, is growing by the day. i think its clear that posters want to be able to read and post the good, bad & ugly, but they should also understand coming in that banners at these kinds of websites no longer mean anything more than "we have received advertising money from this shop".

on the balance, i'll take that over censorship and cover-ups, even if it means i have to do more homework & research before i trust a place that advertises at my forum.

The General

Another Day, Another Dollar

We still help players collect with disputes as much as possible, with more and more of the problems coming off forum. I still guess I succeed about 50/50. I am not getting anywhere with sportsbook as I just get the form letter about processors. I'll try and report any other information as it comes along.

Yes Janus, we are going to keep this an open forum for posters to share their experiences. Good, bad, and ugly. (Advertiser or not)

janus - the problem is, there comes a fine line with this type of business. at some point, the site that hosts the garbage sites should become responsible for their actions. yes, people are responsible for their own actions, of course, but websites should be responsible. for instance, would it be okay if EOG took advertising from the biggest STIFF books/frauds in the business? would that be ok? no, that would not. because EOG would then knowingly be sending people to be taken. i think as popular as EOG is, and as much stock as newer people put into the stock, EOG needs to be responsible for which books it puts up. it cannot just say "this is a business." cuz even in the business world, you have responsibilities to the public. it's not ONLY about the money. i wish sportsbook needs to be taken down as there is no proof they have made a single payment in over 30 days.

I understand your frustration and personally do not care for but am I the only one that thinks you came across as a real a**hole by jumping all over a CSR who is only telling you what he is told to tell you?

IDENTITY, GREAT POINT!!!! But we dont know whats going on BEHIND THE SCENES. I mean, Perhaps the SHRINK is working something out with SPORTSBOOK.COM.If he takes them DOWN , SPORTSBOOK.COM might say go SCREW YOURSELF AND THE POSTERS. POINT BLANK! WE all know the SHRINK has been around for a while and at this point in his life i dont think a few advertising dollars from SPORTSBOOK.COM is going keep the SHRINK from doing the right thing. THERE IS MORE TO THIS THEN MEETS THE EYE.


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when blue marlin hit the skids, sting called me at home to help broker a 5 figure bailout package for me & i was just a lurker. things seemed more... personal, i guess. these days you can still get help but forums don't seem to be willing to use their leverage as much as in the past. general pointed that out in his last post -- he's getting treated like joe schmoe by, whereas back in the day there was a quick & direct phone contact between forum & book management so scenarios like this could be resolved before everyone's reputation got tarnished.

as i said, i don't think it works like that anymore (by design), and any newbies who believe that "forum banners = safety tags" don't have the latest understanding of what that banner means... basically nothing. these days, websites like this are akin to the yellow pages when it comes to ad space. would you ask the yellow pages to remove the ad of a rogue business?
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I understand your frustration and personally do not care for but am I the only one that thinks you came across as a real a**hole by jumping all over a CSR who is only telling you what he is told to tell you?
fuck that. mgmt intentionally hides behind their CSRs skirts all day long. if they are the only people players can talk to, that's to be expected.

JANUS, your right things are different. Back in the day all you had to tell a book PAYME OR IM RIPPING YOU IN BETTORSWORLD OR AT THE RX and the book would PISS their pants. NOW their like go fk yourself. One thing about STING CC , is that he backed BETONSPORTS even though they OWED MR. WALTERS HALF A MILLION DOLLARS.

fuck that. mgmt intentionally hides behind their CSRs skirts all day long. if they are the only people players can talk to, that's to be expected.

And what did he get accomplished with this chat? Nothing. You can yell at the CSR's all day but still get nothing. Why would you play with if you know they hide behind their CSR's?


I have no idea what goes on as far as advertising at EOG, but with a good chunk of all of the top tier books dropping the U.S. market (Pinnacle, WWTS, etc..) and another good chunk all having payment processing issues causing them to halt their advertising budgets, what exactly would you suggest the site uses to pay its bills?

We've been over this a dozen and one times already -- Shrink came right out and said his business model had changed, because just having the top tier books wasn't financially feasible -- and if it wasn't then, it sure as hell isn't now with the top tier books closing to the U.S.

When it comes right down to it, you can have the site how it is -- with some books that may not be completely up to snuff hanging a banner, but the forums free you to speak your mind about it, and no one covering anything up.


You can pay a monthly fee to access the forums and EOG can keep just the 2-3 books that have never had player issues before with banners (are there ANY books that have never had problems?).

I can tell you right now the second option would never fly and this site would go broke -- so you take the cards you are dealt and deal with them as best as possible.

SOUNDS, Its a tough call. If you let BOOKS come in here and start stiffing your posters, then your not going to have much posters left or much of a site!!!!!

Nor will you if you have one advertiser

I don't think many of you realize the $$$ it takes to run the site as far as servers, employees, software licensing, development, contests, etc...

Hell, Shrink was dropping $25k a year on the poker freerolls ALONE.

Im not saying that this is happening here, BUT if you let books stiff posters you wont have much of asite. Lets face it you have enough books up on that bar, that you could part ways with 2 or 3 sketching ones. ITS NOT GOING TO KILL YOU.If you have to cut staff then cut staff. anything to keep a site reputable!

wait, why do you guys think it's a stiffjob? i actually canceled a withdrawal, put the money into my account and just playing it now. cuz i feel likek either way im not getting paid.