Route 66

Re: Route 66

Travel safely, Wanti.

Is the famous corner in Winslow, Arizona worth a visit?
Its open and not glitzy. Basically a corner and a store but they have 'genre' music playing outside so that adds to it. I hit it on a Sunday and for winter it wasnt that bad. Saw maybe 8 people there in the little bit I was there and in the store. A lot of bikers do it by the way the store is merchandised.

I am in St Louis now so not many more of the tacky ones to hit. The catsup bottle is probably the last one I will hit. But we stopped at Uranuns last night its everything you think it would be.

I stopped at the Big Texan this time around too. I had the 18 oz special. It wasnt busy so no one was trying the challenge when I was there.

Got lucky with the weather so far. FOg yesterday and the 44 actually got shut donw due to a truck jackknifing due to black ice on the bridge, bu we are doing the scenic route so no effect. Once again living a charmed life.

And looking at CA just like I called it first rain the whole fire area getting crushed with mud. So perfect timing again on leaving that dump. So with all the 'good' weather yo get this shit and theyre not done digging bodies out yet. Stupid people...