Saints Home Away From Home

Saints Home Away From Home

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There is not a chance in hell in my opinion that the NFL will try to push the Saints to relocate during this tragedy as is being reported all over sports radio! That would be a public relations nightmare from hell for the NFL.
I am hearing that the Saints are working to finalize the situation. The way it looks now the first game may very well be in San Antonio where they are practicing now and the rest of the seasons home games will be played in Baton Rouge in death valley. IMO the Saints need to play ALL their "home" games in Louisiana. With luck ALL of them will be played in Tiger Stadium.

For those that are not aware of it there is alot of animosity between the two cities. For LSU to open up death valley to the Saints is really saying something. I personally don't feel that LSU would have opened up their arms to the Saints had it not been for this unthinkable tragedy. If it had just been say a problem with the superdome I really don't feel this would have happened. But I am happy as hell to say that it just might happen.
I just can't see the Saints even thinking about playing in NO anytime soon as it will be months before any kind of order is restored. Life does indeed go on in light of this tragic event, and the good people of Louisiana need to keep their Saints as close as possible. God forbid any other state to reap the benifit of a Saints game when at this time Louisiana is truely counting its pennys.
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