Saints Vs 49ers


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I think if the Saints win impressively, they'll be 2.5. If they win in a slaughter, maybe 3. If it's ho-hum, maybe 1.5. Just remember, different field and great SF defense. I just don't know if SF has the firepower to come back from, say, 10 points down.


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this game is my absolute wet not relevant what the line is in imo as long as its not something absolutely ridiculous....

The 49ers are FRAUDS...They will be absolutely SMOKED by the Saints...I will probably play this game for whatever limit my book has...


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Re: Saints Vs 49ers

i really hope so

I will be all over Niners ML after the public pushes the line up as high as possible.
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Definitely worth noting, the Saints seem to play much better at home than they do on the road. I would lean to Frisco in this game, though it could definitely go either way. Wouldn't shock me if the Niners advanced all the way to the Super Bowl. I think they're one of the better-equipped teams to pull off a Green Bay upset, if anyone is going to do it.
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Btw, i was doing some math last night, trying figure out how much a moneyline parlay on the Niners to win the NFC would pay, based on NO @ SFO and then SFO @ GB. I asked a friend of mine what the NO/SFO line would be (i think it might be a pick'em), and he said Niners -2.5. Just going by his opinion (higher margin for error with SFO favored), and with us both agreeing that the Niners would be +6.5 or +7 @ Green Bay, i came up with about 5/1 on the Niners winning the NFC. Obviously that would be a good bit higher if the Saints go favored @ SFO, as you guys seem to think. Not bad value there on the Niners winning the NFC. I do think it'll either be GB or SFO; don't like NO winning twice on the road vs. those teams. Thoughts?