Sean McVay remembers every play

John Kelly

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Great clip, Blue.

Gotta love Sean McVay.

McVay's record as an NFL head coach is 22-7.

Only one problem for gamblers

McVay's pointspread record after 29 games is 14-14-1.

Man, the NFL market is tough.


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I was so wrong about McVay. When the Rams hired him, I thought they were going cheap for a couple of years with the transition to LA, and they'd hire some big name HC in a couple of years, when they built up the talent base a bit more after Jeff Fisher ruined it. I knew Fisher was a crap coach and was holding the team back, but I didn't realize how much, And I had no idea how good McVay is. The guy is a special, special Coach. Not only is he brilliant, innovative, but he really relates well to players, and lets them be themselves, no power trip nonsense.