Sean Penn's Boat Sinks In Botched Katrina Rescue Attempt


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Jeff Spicoli screws up again:

"Dude, where's my boat?"

Sean Penn's Boat Sinks In Botched Katrina Rescue Attempt
New Orleans, LA (AHN) - Wannabe political activist and mildly talented actor Sean Penn made his way down to the city of New Orleans with a personal photographer and an entourage in an attempt to help victims stranded by floods caused by Hurricane Katrina...

Penn had planned to rescue children and adults in the flood waters, but apparently forgot to plug a hole in the bottom of the vessel, which began taking water within seconds of its launch.

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I think Penn is an excellent actor, one of the best. Doesn't sound like this guy likes Penn all that much ("wannabe political activist"). I'll bet the writer is a republican.


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jjgold said:
He is an American hero
Not a fan of his but he is bringing attention to the situation. This will take a long time and a lot of money . Hopefully ppl wont forget about this two weeks from now.

237 Million raised so far.
Jimmy Hoffa said:
Speaking of sandwiches, How about you send me over a pastrami on rye from that deli you're running JJ? Can't get the good stuff here.
JH: I used to study at The Library in the day in the late 70's when I was at George Mason. Lot of good Korean food around there now! Good luck on the sandwich! P.S. Penn's heart at least, is in the right place!
Thanks ZZ, had to go all the way to Vegas last month just to get a decent burger at In-n-Out and a decent sandwich at Cantors in the Treasue Island.

I have to disagree with you about his acting ability, he's pretty good, in that respect. Unfortunetly, I think he is the biggest ASSHOLE in show business!!!
Gee, he brought his on PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER with him, imagine that. I thought he only went to foreign countries for his publicity, you know spreading all his liberal bull about how bad the U.S. is!!!! Too bad he didn't go down with his boat, LOL!!

I agree with Scarlett very good actor, but knows nothing about the real world. Neither does JJ. American hero and atomic bombs your one crazy MF'er:doh1 . He's no hero he's looking to get his picture taken for his portfolio. The heros put the pug in their boat and pulled his dumb ass from the water. All he did was disrupt the operation. Tell Penn to send money and prayers and keep his ass in his 5 milliom dollar home. MAY'N!
JJ we do have different views, but I enjoy your posts. I just like to give you leftys a hard time now and then. Some of the things you say just shock me, but I realize you are speaking from the heart. Have a good day man! MAY'N!
Tony I am a far left winger Dem

I beleive in anything goes, if a guy wants to bang another guy behind a tree in the park it would not bhother me.

I believe in weed also and prostition as both should be legal