Serena worst poor sport of all-time

Sol Diablo;n7454715 said:
Bet you didn’t say that to his face at the Nugget!
Why would I do that and get thrown out of the hotel?

I wished him well when I left him and wished him better health and told him to take care of himself....he is not in the greatest of health....


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serena fakes injury again
Agree....that was a total lay down at Indian Wells this weekend down 6-3, 1-0 then suddenly a shoulder ailment. There is a nasty history with her and this tournament stemming from racial allegations. Fans paid big bucks to see her.


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Funny thing is when I saw she retired on Don Best I texted my buddy that she probably faked an injury. 5 minutes later I saw on twitter she had a "viral illness" lol whatta fuckin joke. She's a disgusting pig.