Should "Top 8 Finish" Bets Stand in a Six-Car Race?


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Listen to me, my son!
You are not playing this game smart!
I am defending you and not even charging you anything for it while I am helping you the most of all posters, as I am not giving emotional reasons for you to get paid, but simply come up with some decent proof why you MUST be paid. You better get into some decent British arse linking than losing your temper. From an emotional point of view, yes, I love it that you are getting fvcked on this one! I also ?fvcked? an English guy the proper way on this race. How? Well I know this guy that wanted to have a 5 figure US$ amount on Alonso. I took his bet and told hem very clearly when I accepted the bet: WILLIAM HILL RULES APPLY! I did not lay it off, so it became a man to man fight between me and him. So after the race William Hill decided to not refund any money on those drivers that stopped after the parade lap. Their rules were simply cut and clear! Was this guy angry with me for him having lost his bet? No, not at all! He was angry with William Hill (also British by the way)! What if William Hill would have decided to refund all bets on those drivers that went out of the race after the parade lap? What would I have done? YES, I WOULD HAVE REFUNDED HIM TOO! Would I have felt fvcked? Yes, I would, but that is life!

Now you got Spiro on this one! Do you realise who you actually have been betting against? Come on! It is Olympic. They are after Pinnacle probably the second most respected book in the Caribbean! Do you really think that guys like The General have the guts to oppose his decision that easily? Shrink wanted him to be an advertiser on his previous forum for years and never got him. Now he finally advertise with him and YOU are trying to spoil the relationship! Honestly Ronin, that is not the way things work in the Caribbean! Weak books like Royal get fvcked, but Spiro is GOD! What he says is right and you are wrong.

If you do not know already, but I live in Asia! Things work a little different here. I have this friend that lives in Jakarta and he had a bet on a correct score football match. A small bet ($1000), but the payout turned out to be massive (100-1). After the match the guy thought he had won the bet. Then when it had been graded, it had been graded as a loss. Obviously the guy asked the customer service of the Asian book about it and they told him that they graded it wrongly and would correct it, pffff. They guy was happy, but then later it turned out that the bet initially was graded correctly and he had lost the bet. As you may understand we are talking here about a $100,000 payout that was disputed. So what did the owner of the book in question do? Yes, he went to this player. Explaining to him how the rule was executed correctly and why he did not win. He even took him out to some nice restaurants, brothels, etc. He spent the whole night with my friend. And the next day, yes, the owner phoned my friend, told him that according to his interpretation of the rules he did not win, but he decided that he will still pay him. You can imagine that my friend was in heaven! Smart decision by the book? Yes, my friend gives this book now a life time free advertising and he lost the US$100k anyhow after this all happened. Spiro would have probably done the same thing if he knew that you were likely to lose the winnings too, but he now got you marked as a screwy and those guys we want all out of business! It is what you call jealousy to the max of those posters that do not openly side with you. Do not worry! I am not jealous with you. I know exactly how you feel. You are going through this hell of uncertainty while you think you oh so much deserve the money that you won fair and square. How much is it actually exactly?
acw, this thread is not about you or me, so you can save your ramblings for some other time. This is about doing the right thing. I have no financial interest in this matter. I did not even wager on the event.

If a book can be allowed to void wagers AFTER THE RESULTS ARE KNOWN, then what comes next? Will it be alright if they void all wagers on the under if a rainstorm affects the outcome of a game?

Those books that continued accepting wagers on this event despite all the uncertainties are obligated to pay off all winning wagers. This is not nearly as complicated as others are trying to make it.