Should we ghostbust?

Re: Should we ghostbust?

Guys are complaining about all the silly ghosts.

JK said out everyone except for WVU's Wife, who should be grandfathered in.

Get a separate forum for them, so when these guys wannu get their jollies on a message board, they don't clog up and clutter the main forum.
Re: Should we ghostbust?

I thought VD and Tuck just did a good job on the site and made it grow with all these new guys.

Didnt realize any of them were ghosts:btj:
Re: Should we ghostbust?

Kinger what interests me is if any ghosts are guys that used to post and are in hiding cause they stiffing or something.

Those are the outings that are enjoyable:cheers
Re: Should we ghostbust?

I think some of them are funny, the original SF was one of the funniest posters I've seen on the forums. Problem is the imitators never seem to be as funny as the originals. Plus too many of them too often does drag the forum down. Takes talent to run a top-notch ghost.

I vote to have them released, all of them, even WVU's wife. I'm sure we're going to be surprised by who some of them are. Doing this would be good though, not only will it be fun to guess, also the people ghosting will know going forward they are going to outed one day.

Let's get it going.
Re: Should we ghostbust?

I haven't seen any objections, so we're definitely going to do it. :cheers
Being a moderator- you should go through with this. Make it good clean forum. I think you know which ghosts and bullshit, meaningless threads need to be moved. These threads take away from the good content here. The old LVA board got into a pissing match between posters and that lead to it's demise.